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Omnya takes all the hassle out of your luxury travel plans! From hotel reservations, to restaurant bookings, we grant you access to the best rooms and tables, at the best rates. We guarantee preferred rates, with premier amenities, in the most exclusive hotels, all year around and worldwide.

As you join our unique travel & dining club, we give you access to a whole new world of benefits. From singular hotel rates, to upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, and late check-outs, we make sure your stay remains unforgettable, when you book with us.

Why Join?

The Ultimate Luxury Travel & Dining Club

The benefits of booking with us:

  • We offer preferred rates, and unique amenities in the most exclusive hotels and restaurants, worldwide.
  • By joining Omnya Travel, you gain access to our 1500+ partner hotels, from 5-star luxury to charming boutique hotels.
  • As a member, you also get access to tables in your preferred restaurants at home, and globally.
  • We hold restaurant tables for our members throughout the entire year, and make sure to accommodate them, whenever they desire.
  • Join our unique club and save the price of your membership in just one or two bookings!

Becoming a Member

As a luxury travel & dining club, we make sure to offer our members personalized trips, at the best rates, with the most exclusive amenities.

Pick from two tiers of Luxury Memberships.

Whichever of the two tiers you choose from, Omnya Travel guarantees exceptional rates with the most benefits in all of your hotel stays.

Our Diamond Tier Members enjoy priority upgrades, and gain access to our last-minute restaurant tables, 365 days a year.

Elite Membership

Elite Membership Benefits


  • Access to 1500+ worldwide partner hotels at preferential rates, as well as to exclusive amenities.


  • Access to 15 restaurant bookings per year, at the hottest tables worldwide.*


  • Unavailable

24/7 WhatsApp Chat Service

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*Includes 10 off-peak restaurant bookings and 5 on-peak restaurant bookings.

Diamond Membership

Diamond Membership Benefits


  • Access to 1500+ worldwide partner hotels at preferential rates, priority upgrades, as well as to exclusive amenities and free airport transfers.


  • Access to 25 restaurant bookings per year, at the hottest tables worldwide.*
  • Exclusive last-minute access to restaurant tables, globally, with the possibility to customize your reservation.


  • Access to tickets to the most demanded events globally.
  • Exclusive access to sold out tickets, and priority on all bookings and events, worldwide.

24/7 WhatsApp Chat Service

  • 24/7 access to our WhatsApp concierge chat

*Includes 15 off-peak restaurant bookings and 10 on-peak restaurant bookings.

Our Partner Hotels

We partner up with more than 1500+ hotels worldwide.

Ranging from 5-star luxury to charming boutique hotels, find our selection of the most exclusive hotels, hand-picked for you.

Dine & Pay

Don’t feel like becoming a member yet, but still want to gain access to the hottest tables, in the most exclusive restaurants, worldwide?

Rest assured, Omnya Travel is here for you.

Why not try our Dine & Pay system?

Where we guarantee you tables, in your preferred restaurants, all year, worldwide!

Special Requests

Want to find out more? Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, or membership enquiries, it would be a pleasure to assist you.

Email: [email protected]

    A word from our members

    “We simply love Omnya Travel. From their personalized 24/7 WhatsApp chat to their great hotel rates, they have been taking such good care of us. I can guarantee you will be given fantastic customer service. From last minute restaurant reservations in Miami, during busy art Basel, to luxury hotel bookings, I recommend their services to anyone that wishes to make their travel life much easier."

    Sam Tarizadeh


    “Omnya Travel has been a huge benefit for all of my travel needs. They have made travelling so much easier for me. Omnya Travel have helped me obtain bookings to sold out hotels during the busiest periods, and all with added amenities. They have now become my first choice for booking hotels."

    Darryl Amar


    “I use Omnya Travel to book my hotels when I am travelling for both business and pleasure. The team are extremely responsive, it’s very impressive, and I usually get the lowest rates with them. I book with confidence knowing that Omnya Travel only work with the best hotels. I recommend them to all my friends and family and I absolutely love their service.”

    Dominique Fabiani


    “Omnya has changed the way I travel today and has made it hassle free. When I book a hotel with them, they also take care of all of my restaurant bookings. It’s simply amazing, I remember booking a hotel in New York City on a Friday afternoon. Somehow the team got me in one of the most exclusive, and sought-after restaurants, in town that same evening."

    Magdy Al-Shawesh


    “Omnya has been taking care of my travels for the last 2 years now. I travel all year around and, in most destinations, worldwide, and I am pleased to say that Omnya has always got me the most amazing deals! From upgrades to impressive amenities, I am always pleased when I book with them. I highly recommend them to any traveler out there.”

    Philippe Levy


    “Nothing is too much trouble for Omnya! From exclusive rates at 5-star Hotels, to last minute restaurants bookings during Paris Fashion Week, Omnya Travel never failed to please us. Thank you to the wonderful team behind this prestigious entity, a pleasure to always deal with you!”

    Lulu Al-Ajeel